Appeals for the following reasons are likely to be declined unless you have supporting evidence.

1. "I was not the owner of the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued."
We will require details of the new vehicle owner and/or sales invoice or confirmation from DVLA of change of ownership.

2. "I had a valid permit/disabled badge/pay and display ticket."
We will require a copy of the relevant document. However if we have clear evidence that this was not displayed correctly we may still decline your appeal.

3. "I have moved house and did not receive any correspondence regarding the parking charge."
You are required by law to update DVLA of any change of address. We will require your new address details and copy correspondence from DVLA confirming that your details have been changed.

4. "There was no ticket on my windscreen."
It is likely we will have a statement from the parking warden confirming that the ticket had been correctly issued and attached to the vehicle. In most cases we will also have supporting photographic evidence. Tickets are contained in a plastic bags with strong adhesive edges to ensure they do not fall off a vehicle.

It is possible that the parking charge was issued via ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). In these circumstances no ticket is issued as all the supporting evidence is on digitalised time monitored cameras. Photographic evidence is always available in these circumstances.

5. What if my appeal is rejected?
If your appeal is rejected under certain circumstances have the right to appeal to the relevant Independent Appeals Service . You will be informed if you have the right to appeal further with any appeal rejection issued by ourselves. We will issue you with the relevant contact details and documentation at this time. Please note you will lose your right to any discount offered by the parking operator for early payment should you choose to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service.

6. What if I refuse to pay?
If you refuse to pay the parking charge within the time allowed. Then your case will be passed to a debt recovery company for further action. This will probably include the adding of further charges to the outstanding amount and may lead to court action if the amount remains unpaid.

You can make an appeal using one of the following methods.

1. Using the online Appeals form

You will receive a written response from ourselves within 14 days of your appeal. Whilst your appeal is being considered no further charges will be added and no further action will be taken.



2. By post.
To Appeals, Parking Collection Services, P.O. Box 221, Manchester, M34 0DJ

Please download the attached form and forward it to us with photocopies (do not send originals) of any supporting documentation.
If you are unable to print the form please include in your letter the following information:

Our reference number
Reason for your appeal:
Scanned copy of any supporting documentation:



There are several easy ways to pay your Parking Charge. When paying you'll need your Parking Charge Reference Number.

Debit/Credit card payments can be made by

calling 0208 528 4112 (Option 1)

Payment processing time - 0-3 days

Make cheque or postal order payable to Parking Collection Services and write your Parking Charge Reference Number on the back. Send your cheques with the payment slip to Parking Collection Services, P.O.Box 221, Manchester, M34 0DJ

Payment processing time - 3-7 days

Payment can be made at (please have all your details available)

Please quote your reference number to:- Parking Collection Services, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sort code 16-00-01, account number 20973851